Our knowledge and our commitment to our partnership with you allow us to build sound personalized international investment solutions. Our goal is to deliver objective advice and long-term returns for your portfolio that minimizes your exposure to risk.
Our team of Investment Advisors can fully support the development of your portfolio by providing you with leading international products and services, including timely market strategies and portfolio reviews. You will benefit from the integrated team of experts and our partners across Scotiabank.

Our Advisors

International Investment Advisors are highly trained individuals who can review your existing financial portfolio to identify gaps and opportunities. They specialize in individual countries, regions and languages to fully understand local requirements.

Proven Advisory Process

It is best to start with a full understanding of your financial situation. Working through our Advisory Process we review and analyze your needs and goals and create a personalized investment portfolio based on those goals, your time horizon, risk tolerance, and any income requirements you may have. We also focus on aspects of international portfolio construction that may affect your finances, such as currency fluctuations, asset allocation, geographic diversification, and political stability.

Worldwide Investment Reach

Through our Scotiabank partners, we have access to investment solutions, research, and tools from around the world to incorporate the most appropriate investments for your needs.

  • Fixed Income

    International Investment Advisory has access to the long-standing expertise of Scotia Capital in fixed income, and we have the knowledge and capacity to build a fixed-income portfolio tailored to your unique investment goals.
  • Equities

    The equity group at Scotia Capital provides us with trading and advisory services for a full range of equities as well as preferred shares, income trusts and options. In addition we have access to Futures and Commodities trading.
  • Investment Funds

    We have access to a breadth of investment funds, including mutual funds, specialized funds and hedge funds. We analyze each fund statistically as well as looking at its portfolio management process, style and discipline, mandate, and inherent risks.
  • Alternative Products

    Through our partners we are able to offer alternative investments that meet the more sophisticated needs of your investment strategy.
  • Research and Tools

    We use industry-leading research and tools to create the investment portfolio that is right for you and your investment goals.